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Election 2016

7 Nov

Post your predictions for the 2016 election. Be sure to include the evidence that supports your prediction that you simulated in 270towin.


Economics-Globalization Blog Assignment

6 Jan

Prompt: Determine if you are a proponent or a critic of Globalization. Defend your answer in a blog response.

In the comments section below complete the following task:

1. Write a catchy title for your entry.
2. Record your name and the date.
3. In the first paragraph, introduce and define globalization. Describe two of the major factors that have led to globalization, and explain why someone should care about the subject. Write a thesis statement that clearly states your position.
4. In the second paragraph, evaluate whether you think the benefits of globalization outweigh the costs. Choose one topics—economic development, environment, or culture—to discuss. Support your thesis by giving at least two arguments with supporting evidence related to your chosen topic.
6. Use appropriate spelling and grammar.

Causes of the Cold War

14 Feb

What impact do you think the Containment Doctrine, the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan had in the late 1940’s? 


You must make your own post and reply to someone else’s post.  

During the Cuban Missile Crisis: If you were Kennedy, how would you have handled the situation with Cuba and the USSR?

11 Apr

Compare “The Flag Must Stay Put” to “The White Man’s Burden,” use specific evidence from each to talk about how the US used them to justify imperialism.

5 Nov

What if it were to happen tomorrow?

30 Jan

How would you feel about internment camps if Pearl Harbor were to happen tomorrow?